Motor Vehicle Accidents

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    The Facts About Motor Vehicle Cases

    Statistics show that every twelve minutes, someone dies in a car accident in the United States. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that injury or death because of a car accident can fall into two areas of tort law, personal injury and product liability. Many times, these two legal areas can overlap and involve many parties when it comes to the successful litigation of a legal case. In order for a victim to understand their rights, make sense of what happened during the car accident and be aware of the nuances that go into working through the aftermath, it is important that they consult an accident attorney with experience handling these matters.

    Motor vehicle accidents can happen without warning and in a split second the life of the individual or parties involved can change drastically. In today’s world, a car accident can occur because of many reasons and can involve everything from the negligence and oversight of another driver to manufacturing issues and product liability on behalf of a car company or parts manufacturer. Furthermore, the sheer idea of pursuing a lawsuit against a large automobile corporation or another party can seem daunting to many people, especially when an individual is likely facing increased debt, time off from work, and an uncertain future because of the accident.

    Our firm stands up for the rights of People who have been injured, and fights tirelessly to ensure that even the big companies with deep pockets take responsibility for their actions when they are negligent.

    In courtrooms across Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee, our law firm works to preserve the rights of individuals one case and one client at a time.

    How We Can Help You Get Justice

    Our firm has the experience to handle your case and we stand ready to protect your legal rights and help you through the entire process so that you can focus on getting the proper medical treatment and recover from your injuries. Our attorneys are familiar with Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee state laws that govern automobile accidents and we know how to effectively and persuasively use technical, complex litigation concepts such as accident reconstruction, bio mechanics, and medical testimony in trials to your advantage.

    If you or a loved one were hurt in an accident in the state of Georgia, South Carolina or Tennessee and the accident was caused by another driver’s carelessness, then you may be able to receive significant compensation for your property damages, losses, and injuries for the following:

    •  Any money you lost because you weren’t able to work
    •  Losses of future earning capacity because of the accident
    •  Medical treatment (past, present and future)
    •  Emotional distress
    •  Permanent disability
    •  Disfigurement Damages
    •  Repairing or replacing your vehicle
    •  Other expenses related to the accident

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