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    Understanding Workers’ Compensation

    To most, work isn’t just a job, it’s a livelihood. But, if you become injured while working, lost wages and medical bills can turn your world upside down. If you become injured from the regular duties of your job, you don’t have to suffer. Workers’ compensation is your recourse in such situations.

    Workers’ compensation, sometimes simply called workers’ comp, is a state-mandated insurance program that provides employees with wage replacement and medical care if they’ve been injured in the course of their job. The federal government runs the workers’ compensation program for employees of the federal government.

    The details will vary case by case, but since no party is determined at fault, an employee will typically receive workers’ compensation benefits regardless of who was at fault.

    With the help of our experienced attorneys, you can heal without worrying about lost wages or medical bills by filing for workers’ compensation. Different states have different laws, which is why it’s important to contact a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney.

    Common Workplace Accidents


    When To Find A Workers Compensation Lawyer

    Some people may try to get by without a workers’ compensation attorney, but you should contact us if any of the following applies to you:

    • Your injury prevents you from returning to your regular job.
    • Your injury makes you unable to work any job.
    • Your employer is not covering your lost wages or medical bills.
    • You are not receiving lost wages or medical care promptly.
    • You are being punished for filing a workers’ compensation claim.
    • You feel you are not getting the lost wages or benefits you deserve.
    • You do not understand the workers’ compensation process.

    The minute any disputes arise in your case, you should immediately contact a qualified lawyer.

    How We Can Help

    All workers’ comp cases should be taken very seriously since it affects the ability to earn a living in the present and future. Depending on the severity of your injury, an accident on the job could cause a loss of wages and an increase in medical bills further down the line.

    A lawyer will ensure the necessary workers’ comp forms are filed correctly and within the designated timeframes. Our skilled lawyers have experience dealing with all types of cases, so we can correctly determine how much you are entitled to.

    If you want a workers’ comp attorney that will fight for you, contact us today at (855) 586-8307.

    Impacts of Workplace Injury

    It is your employer’s responsibility to maintain a safe workplace, but if this has been neglected, you may be the one paying the price.


    Either from your injury or treatment associate with your injury/injuries.


    Costly medical bills piling up and anxiety from the pressure of your financial situation.


    Lost wages or confronting the fact that you might be permanently unable to work.

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    Our South Carolina workers’ compensation attorneys understand just how difficult it can be to move on with your life after a workplace injury, and that’s why we work hard to ease this burden as much as possible. Some of the aspects of a claim that we can help you with include:

    • Filing a workers’ comp claim
    • Determining which of the disability payment categories applies to your case
    • Documenting and responding to inappropriate employer behavior after talking about or actually filing a claim, like harassment
    • Helping you prepare for important meetings associated with your claim
    • Handling denials

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